The Island of Saint Mardi

Hello everyone!

The year 2023 is coming to an end. It was an incredible year for Kakele. The game grew and so did the team. We attended 3 major gaming industry events and met some of you there.

As a thank you, we have worked hard over the last few months to release the last update of the year, version 4.6!

In this new update, you will discover Saint Mardi, a distant island, which was forgotten by the main continent. With a sinister theme, you must unravel the mysteries of those lands and find the final treasure! Special thanks to André, who helped us create this new content.

As we have done in recent updates, the new content covers all levels, being divided into three chapters: one easy, one medium and one hard.

In addition to Saint Mardi, we are also introducing some important changes. Notice that these are being tested, and we are looking for your feedback during the test server. Please test these in the test server before sending feedback, as we want you to experience the changes before making constructive comments!!

– New Clothing System: A completely new system is being introduced! You can build your old outfit part by part (and of course the old outfits you have are automatically being converted to these parts), including new clothing pieces that are available for a unique look and feel for your character! In it, there are 5 different layers that can be customized. For each layer, there are several pieces of clothing and adornments that can be used, called addons. The possibilities are enormous and you will be able to create unique appearances for your character. The current clothing system will still exist and most clothing from the current system will be converted to the new system. Don’t worry, if you have an outfit from the current system that will be converted, you won’t lose the pieces. If you do, please let us know, because we will fix it!

– Warlord Items: Warlord equipment and weapons of all types and energies have been introduced into the game. Current warlord weapons have not changed and are not part of this new system. In short, you will be able to collect energy cores around the map (through missions that involve defeating specific bosses) that can be exchanged for warlord items. Warlord items can only be used by players level 1000 or higher, and, as a rule of thumb, a warlord item is only better than its equivalent golden dragon item after 3 blessings and is only better than its equivalent disaster item after 6 blessings. Still, blessing a warlord item will be considerably more expensive. More details can be found within the game, and we will also answer questions in the podcasts or in our Discord.

– Sales system: stay tuned! Now we will be able to launch sales with incredible discounts within the game, at any time! Whether it’s a discount on a pet, mount, premium days or anything else that can be purchased with Kakele coins!

– Temporary map changes: A system of temporary map changes has been introduced. Along with this system, Christmas events, Kakele’s birthday (in February), Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween were redesigned. All of these events will bring temporary changes to the map, as well as new items, clothing items and mechanics.

– Improvement in pets: there is a new optional mode for pets! Before you summon your pet, you can choose if they will have HP! This means they can be attacked by the creatures, but only if you choose to do so. Each pet has a different amount of life, and as it levels up, it gains more life. Evolved pets will have the double HP. If the pet dies in battle, it will spawn again in 1 minute. Additionally, the pet will receive a considerable level bonus if you are playing solo. If you uncheck this option, then the pet will work just like it did before this update (no health, and monsters will not attack it, and it does not die).

Finally, we also worked on smaller changes, as usual, but no less important, which are listed below and grouped into categories.

Quality of life improvements:

– Items on the map floor (i.e. trash) will be removed after 3 days
– Items that can be turned in missions glow in backpack and loot. This option can be disabled
– More sorting options in the bestiary have been added
– Text effects and their overlay on the map have been reworked
– Added an option to hide game notification icons
– Added an alert when items are purchased with non-transferable Kakele coins, which makes them bound to the player
– NPCs with quests shine on the map
– Added an option to reject mail from strangers. Blocked mail will remain pending until the sender cancels the mail entry
– The minimap size will be larger if your screen is large
– Objects in the house editor have been grouped into categories
– Item market windows have been reworked to improve the experience when buying and selling items

New features that make the game easier:

– All mounts will have a situational benefit (that is, they are useful in certain contexts). Each mount has a description of its benefit
– To ride your mount, it is now not necessary to be out of battle. All you need to do is not attack or use offensive spells
– When you touch a player and hold down the controller to move towards them, your character will automatically swap places with the other player. This option can be disabled
– Training at the gym can be extended by up to 6 hours by viewing ads
– Daily rewards can be collected every hour if the player watches an ad

New content:

– More common items ranging levels 250 to 500 have been introduced. They can be purchased from the explorers guild in Norde
– More cloaks (armor with magic) have been added, covering different levels


– The golden buff will be removed from the player if he attacks another player
– Repeating tasks to defeat monsters and deliver items after level 100 requires premium
– Reputation coins in certain missions have been readjusted
– Poisonous beetle loot has been readjusted
– Corrupted bow and axe have been retuned
– The Manejai helmet will make the player faster underwater. Additionally, the underwater hunting ground has been improved
– The strength of the strongest cyclopes and the frequency of their spells have been reduced. Hunting grounds have been reworked and several obstacles have been removed from the map
– Chromatic dragon hunting rotation has been improved and the frequency of their spells has been reduced
– Sky elves, Jaybee and Alamogordo had their gold readjusted
– Creatures from the abyss have had their loot reduced and new skills have been added. A new direct shortcut to Abroba has been introduced
– Sky pirates had new skills added


– A new experience animation has been added
– When purchasing Kakele coins, or when using coupons, it will be possible to add a streamer code, which will help your favorite streamer
– Animations will play on the map when other players interact with objects
– Removed poison immunity, which was not used in the game
– Reorganized the character list window and added extra information such as Discord and Twitch links
– Reorganized the daily rewards window
– Removed the option to buy Kakele coins with Nanos
– Added validations to Xsolla purchases, preventing the purchase if an invalid email is used
– Pumpkins in the Halloween event will now be locked on the altar for a while
– Some sounds have been reworked to be less annoying
– Minimum char market price depends on level
– An icon has been added to the Kakele executable
– Dungeon cooldown is 20 minutes for free accounts

Bug fixes:

– Fixed a vibration crash on iOS
– Fixed an underwater mount speed bug
– Fixed players being kicked out of the gym early
– Fixed melee vocations not attacking a player if both are fast and running across the map
– PvP swords bug in coliseum fixed

And that’s it! As usual, please notice that everything is subject to change, depending on your feedback during the test server. Wait for more information about the opening of our test server on our Discord! The target date for the public test server is on the 29th of November, and we are aiming to update the game on the week of the 6th of December.

The ViVa team wishes everyone a great and prosperous end of the year, Christmas and New Year!

Best regards,
The ViVa Games team

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