Hi! ViVa Games is hiring for the jobs described below. If none fits you, and you still want to be part of the team, please shoot us an email on [email protected] !

We may advertise openings in our social media. So please don’t forget to follow us there.


  • Get paid in BRL, USD, EUR or XNO for your services!
  • Fully remote work! Work from your desk, sofa or local cafe!
  • Part time and full time positions available.
  • Growth potential: we are online for a couple of years and we want to be online for many more.
  • We are growing our player base at a +100% YoY rate, and you will be part of the company growth too!
  • Experienced development team with 10+ years of experience.
  • Established SCM team that is friendly and supportive! You can learn from us and we also want to learn from you!
  • Eventually when we have a physical office, dogs will be allowed in!

Personal Requirements

 This section is mostly common sense, but it is good to mention that:

  • Due to legal reasons, you must be a resident of Brazil in order to be a ViVa Games employee. For all other locations, we may work with you as a contractor.
  • 20 hours per week of dedication to the job is required (for employees).
  • You are eager to learn and improve. We offer to pay for courses outside of work so that you learn new skills that can help the team and game. Everyone in the team has something to learn from you and you from the team, keep your mind open to new ideas. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, we will make mistakes together and we will learn from those mistakes!
  • We collaborate a lot! We have a Discord where most of the action happens. Teamwork is very important for the success of the game. As everyone is working remotely, you will be expected to participate in the chats and our weekly call meeting. And we also want to hear your ideas for the game!
  • Be respectful to others and to everyone’s time. We want to build a diverse team, different opinions and backgrounds, and part of your job is to make sure the work environment we are creating is safe for all to bring their best self. Being on time for meetings is required, and so is meeting deadlines.
  • You will likely have a manager that will help you to organize your work and time, but don’t rely solely on them to keep you accountable.
  • You are expected to play the game for at least a couple of months, so that you understand what the game is about and how we can improve and evolve it together.


 Check out below our job openings. Please send us your CV (curriculum vitae) to [email protected] ! Thanks for your interest in joining the team!

Hiring - Staff Community Manager

Desired Requirements

  • Strong soft skills. You will be dealing with people 100% of the time.
  • Advanced English, Spanish or Polish is preferrable.
  • Knowledge in editing image and video for social media posts is preferrable (e.g: Photoshop skills).
  • Preferable to focus work on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as we have a very high ticket demand on weekends!
  • Gaming experience is desirable, specially in RPG games, but not required.

Job Description

 A Staff Community Manager must adhere to all the best practices outlined in the Community Manager Handbook (given at the start of your job). We expect a SCM to be self motivated and independent. Some of the expected responsibilities are outlined below, and we also expect the SCM to help ViVa to improve these as the game and company evolve over time.
  • Develop and execute social media strategies, by providing engaging text, image and video content for social media accounts.
    • You will be responsible for one of our social media pages/accounts, depending on your previous experience (for instance Twitter, Facebook groups, etc..).
  • SCMs are not allowed to play the game in the official servers. But in the first 2 probation months, you will be required to play the game and reach at least level 300. This is necessary for you to understand the mechanics of the game, to better support the community. After that you are allowed to play the game in the development server! (we have some fun sometimes playing there together).
  • Respond to comments and customer queries in the social media account you are responsible for.
  • Respond or triage tickets created via email support and also via in-game. This also includes investigating rule violations and moderation.
  • Monitor and manage our volunteers community supporters, tutors and partners. Listen to their feedback and reports.
  • Participate in testing new features and updates, helping the game developers to launch new improved versions.

Hiring - Pixel Artist or Illustrator

Desired Requirements

  • Experience on drawing illustrations and pixel art from scratch.
  • Any illustration software is acceptable, as long as the format is convertible to PNGs.
  • Previous work examples or portfolio is preferrable.

Job Description

We are looking for pixel artists or illustrators to help us take Kakele to the next level. The game is 2D, so the pixel art quality is extremely important and hard to get right. Some of the responsibilities and challenges are outlined below.
  • Design new sprites for the new game content.
  • Design new and improve game interface.
  • Establish strong game graphics patterns and personality, as the game graphics is part of the attractiveness for a lot of players.
  • Create illustrations for our website, social media and game (such as the game background).
  • Great creative freedom (as long as it makes sense for the game style and strategy), you will help the team to decide what is the next new content, and how it will look like!
  • Help us rethink and enhance existing sprites, adding more detail and life to the game.