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General Questions

Q: What is Kakele Online?

A: Kakele Online is a Cross Platform, 2D open world massive multiplayer online role playing game. In Kakele, you join players from all over the world to fight monsters, explore mysterious caves, complete tasks and quests, collect items and much more!
Q: Is Kakele free?
A: Yeah! Free account players can discover Kakele Islands freely, hunt monsters and perform various quests. You can also travel to other areas and get to know the islands. We also have Premium accounts, which can give you some benefits. Free players can access all game content.
Q: Is Kakele updated frequently?

A: Yup. We publish major updates every 3 months or so! These updates always bring new places to hunt, beautiful new areas, more complicated quests and scary monsters. We also do events with players throughout the year.

Q: Is Kakele available for my country?

A: You can play Kakele from all over the world, but notice that you need to play on a server suitable for your country for low latency purposes.
Q: Does Kakele run on my phone?
A: We tried to minimize Kakele as much as possible so that it can run on multiple devices and be lightweight. Android 5.0+ and iOS 13+ is a minimum requirement.
Q: Where can I download the client?
A: You can download Kakele from our website or from similar stores such as Google Play, Apple Store, Steam. We recommend that you download the client from our website as it has all the features available. Find the download links in our homepage.
Q: What are the Kakele Online Rules?
Q: How many vocations does Kakele have?
A: Currently, Kakele has 5 different vocations: Hunter, Warrior, Berserker, Mage and Alchemist.
Q: How many clients does Kakele have?
A: Kakele currently supports 3 platforms, PC, iOS and Android.
Lost Characters and Recovery
Q: What is a Recovery Key?
A: The recovery key is a key that facilitates the recovery of your character. This key is important and should not be shared with anyone. 
Q: How can I request a Recovery Key?
A: To have a recovery key, just log in to your character and go to “More” then “Request Recovery Key” and you will receive a key in your Kakele account email. Notice that if you want to reset your key, you must pay 1500 Kakele coins (the default key is free).
Q: What is the main account recovery method?
A: It is your account email. It is very important not to lose it, because it is through it that you receive all your Kakele account information.
Q: How can I change my email?
A: To change your email, simply log in to your character, then “More” and then go to the “Change Email” option.  Note that you must have your Kakele account password or recovery key.
Q: How can I change my password?
A: To change your password, just log in to your character then “More” and then go to the “Change Password” option, Please notice that you must have the old password for your Kakele account.
Q: How can I recover my password?
A: At the beginning of the game click on “Recover Account”. An email will arrive in your account with the recovery code, just enter it and proceed to the new password. You can also use your recovery key.
Q: My character has been hacked. How can I recover it?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about these situations. Choose strong passwords, do not use the same password in other accounts and set the “One Time Password”. If you believe you’ve been hacked by a game bug, send us an email with as much detail as possible so we can review and take action.
Q: I deleted my character, now what?
A: In the “Undelete Character” option, you can undelete a character if 30 days have not elapsed yet.
Q: I deleted my character and it’s been 30 days and now?
A: If your character has been deleted and 30 days have passed, there is nothing we can do, the data has been wiped out unfortunately.
Payment Questions
Q: What are Kakele Coins? (KCs)
A: At Kakele, we offer players the ability to buy Kakele Coins (KCs) for real money. These coins can be used in-game for certain benefits, such as becoming a Premium Account.
Q: Why didn’t I receive the products I purchased?
A: The system may take a while to process your purchase, this is normal, if more than 24 hours have passed and your purchase has not updated, please send an email with your character and proof of purchase to support. ([email protected])
Q: When I buy Kakele coins, can I use them freely in the game?
A: No, some coins may be blocked. You must buy the coins by verified means, there are “verified” and “unverified” means of purchases. Visit the premium section to learn how to use your coins and buy them. Click here.
Q: What should I do if I pay for Kakele coins but the game app shows the payment status as pending?
A: You must wait for your coins to arrive. Click on Update every hour or so. Send us an email if it doesn’t update in 24 hours.
Q: What payment methods are available?
A: We have several types of payments, such as: PayPal, PicPay, Bank Transfer, Google Play, App Store and Steam. We also have official reseller stores. Visit our premium page to see more details.
Q: What are Premium characters?
A: They are characters that have special benefits, such as: 30% extra experience when killing monsters, access to crowded servers, more item storage spaces, reduced death penalty and much more, visit our premium page for to know more.
Q: What happens when my Premium runs out?
A: You will be a free account again, your character will only lose access to the features that the premium offers you.
Q: What are Coupons?
A: They are codes generated by the Kakele team, these coupons are used in events or player awards. They can give you premium, Kakele coins or game items.
Q: Where can I get Coupon?
A: You can earn coupons by participating in in-person or virtual community Events.
Q: What are official resellers?
A: Resellers buy large amounts of coins to resell to players in their respective countries. They also help to advertise and build the Kakele community. They offer local payment methods, so they really help those players who don’t have a credit card. Please notice, however, that the price charged by resellers may differ from that offered in our game. We are not responsible for purchases made to these players, please contact them directly.
Q: I was banned for an invalid payment, now what?
A: Your account will be frozen until we resolve your invalid payment, if it was a mistake send us an email as soon as possible with proof and details of your problem.
Q: I can’t make purchases?
A: If you tried too many purchases, you will be locked out for 6 hours. Please wait this time to buy again.
Kakele Online Rules
Q: What are invalid names?
A: Names that are offensive, racist, criminal organization-related, sexually related, drug-related or harassing, or that advertise third-party brands, products or services, content that is not game-related or exchange for real money, or names that express opinions religious or political, or who support, incite, advertise or imply a violation of the other rules, you will receive a warning and lose your name (if you persist in using bad names, you may be banned). In most of these cases, we may allow you to change your player name. Meaningless names like iliilill, Aliliil, BlilililC are also not allowed (i.e. the intention is clear to make it harder for players to write their name). This also applies to guilds and pets.
Q: Will you ban cheaters?
A: Exploit obvious game errors, bugs or any other part of the services provided by us, Manipulate the official client program or use additional software to play the game, such as bots, macros or automatic clicks, hardware or software that performs various actions, Any type of cheating mentioned above will result in a warning and, in more severe cases, a permanent ban from your account.
Q: Can I share my account with someone?
A: Allowing other players to access your account is illegal on Kakele, and you may be banned.
Q: Do I own the Characters and all assets in my account?
A: All characters, virtual goods and assets are the property of ViVa Games. We offer you access to an account for being able to play the online role playing game “Kakele Online – MMORPG”.
Q: Do you punish destructive behavior?
A: Any other very destructive behavior that is interpreted by us as an effort to harm Kakele, or its players, is not allowed and may lead to bans.
Q: Can I sell my character for real money?
A: We strongly discourage it, and we are not responsible for the purchases or sales not using our trade systems.
Q: How do I reverse my ban?
A: If you were banned or received a warning, you can appeal it. Please notice that an appeal does not guarantee that the rule application will be reversed, only that a team member will manually inspect your case. Our systems issue automatic bans and our staff sometimes issue manual bans. We don’t get it right all the time, so you can appeal your case. To dispute the ban or warning issued to your account, please email us at [email protected] with all possible information.
Other Questions
Q: When do new servers open?
A: New servers are opened when we have a very large amount of players online, we always try to open servers and merge empty servers with others.
Q: How can I become a Fansite/Content Creator?
A: Be sure to join our Discord! If you want a quick review of your application, please contact a community manager. Submit your name, character name, email and YouTube/Twitch/other channels links.
Q: How can I become a Tutor?
A: Keep an eye on our social media because we always open opportunities for all types of positions.
Q: I have great ideas, can I share them with you?
A: We love hearing your ideas for the future of Kakele. Please notice that we do not use email for ideas. Use our Reddit or Discord community. There, is where all ideas are reviewed and discussed.
Q: How to contact support?
A: You can get in touch via Official Discord or by email: ([email protected])
Kakele Moderation
Q: What is a MOD character?
A: This character is rare to see in the game, they are the Game Developers. They are used to carry tests and solve game problems.
Q: What is a SCM character?
A: This character is common to see. They are the game’s community managers. They are used to check bots, ban players and solve game community problems. They also collect player feedback. (Only ViVa Games staff have access to these).
Q: What is a VA character?
A: These are regular players. They are volunteer agents for the Kakele team. They review report tickets from within the game and contact the SCMs.
Q: What is a Tutor?
A: Tutors are in-game players who help other players with tips and questions in chat. We have tutors on all servers.
Q: Why are my chat messages being blocked?
A: If your message is being blocked in the chat, you may be typing something inappropriate or your account has been muted for a few hours.
Q: How can I report a player who violates Kakele’s rules?
A: You can report it by email ([email protected]) or through the in-game report ticket option.
Server Transfer
Q: What are the requirements for a server transfer?
A: You need to make sure you don’t own a home, you don’t have market offers, you don’t have any outstanding mail and that your bank isn’t full before switching servers.
Q: How long does a server transfer take?
A: The transfer is instantaneous.
Q: How can I transfer my character to another server?
A: Just log into your account, and go to “More” then “Server Transfer” and choose where to go. Notice that there is a cost of Kakele coins to go to another server.
Q: Can I transfer my character to a newly opened server?
A: No, newly opened servers must wait 6 to 12 months for character transfers and the global market. They have prizes, and so it is only fair to lock down their economy meanwhile the “contest” is running.
Q: To which location on the new server will my character be transferred?
A: Your character will appear in Kebelessa at the temple location.
Q: Can I transfer my character from a PVE server to PVE?
A: You can transfer from PVE to PVE.
Q: Can I transfer my character from a PVE server to PVP?
A: You cannot transfer from PVE to PVP, as PVP servers are harder to play in due to the amount of conflicts and wars.
Q: Can I transfer my character from a PVP server to PVP? 
A: You can transfer from PVP to PVP.
Q: Can I transfer my character from a PVP server to PVE?
A: You can transfer from PVP to PVE, but you won’t be able to go back to a PVP server thereafter.
In-Game Questions
Q: How much stamina do I gain offline?
A: You gain 1 minute for each 4 minutes offline if you are a free account, 3 minutes offline if you are a premium account or 2 minutes if you logout inside a house. You also gain 1 minute for each 10 minutes in the gym!
Q: My chat disappeared! I can’t open, what should I do?
A: Reset preferences in your client’s home menu (the first menu after opening the game).
Q: Where can I buy new outfits?
A: The NPC Alfredo will ask for some items for each new outfit and gold, or Kakele coins. The in-game shop may also have outfits for purchase with Kakele coins.
Q: I finished a Quest and didn’t receive the item, what should I do?
A: You should always check your reward chest! Even if you don’t directly click on chests, that’s where the quest rewards will appear to be collected.
Q: My connection is bad, can I use VPN?
A: Yes, you can, but you must obtain permission to avoid future problems. This permission you can get by sending an email to [email protected] and explaining why you need to use this tool.
Q: Where can I get new Pets? 
A: In Norde you will find the Eshecatio NPC with him you will be able to see what items you need to be able to get the pet you want. In the game shop you can buy pets using Kakele coins.
Q: I put a character up for sale and it’s been 7 days and it’s still on the market, why can’t I withdraw without paying the fee?
A: When the initial period of seven days ends, the sale of your character is renewed for 3 more weeks. You can withdraw it at any time, paying the fee for this process.
Q: How can I transfer Gold from one character to another, both being on the same account?
A: You can send through the green mailboxes that exist in the cities, remembering that the characters must be from the same server.