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  • Make sure that the email address used matches the one in your Kakele Online account! After the purchase, it may take a few minutes for the coins to be credited. Contact us via email for any issues!
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In Kakele we offer the players the possibility of buying Kakele Coins (KCs) with real world money. These coins can be used in-game to gain certain benefits, such as becoming a Premium Account. For any questions please email us at [email protected]

Below are just some advantages of being a Premium Account:
Feature Premium Account Free Account
Can access whole map
Can play the game without spending money
Supports the game development and new updates
50% reduced death penalty
30% extra experience when killing monsters
Use the Explorer’s Guild to reset tasks
Unlocked Premium outfits, mounts and addons
33% faster stamina regeneration
2x extra bank and backpack space
And much more!

These are just the starting benefits, as we plan to add more and more in the future. With Premium, you will also get: Priority when servers are full, 2x extra buy and sell offers in the Global Market, Being able to rent houses, 2x passive health and mana regeneration rates, 2x shorter infinite dungeons and instance sickness cooldown, Ability to add 100 friends, instead of just 30, Special badge in-game to indicate that you are premium, Ability to create up to 10 Heroes, instead of 5, Access the gym with friends on same WiFi, Being able to create guilds! With the Kakele Coins, you are also able to buy the following services:

  • Change the name of one of your Characters and pets!
  • Change your account email!
  • Change of your Character server!
  • Fastpass for outfits and pets!
  • Change of name color and light!
  • Rent houses!
  • Boost servers!

The KCs come in two types, the “Transferable Coins” and the “Non-Transferable Coins”. Please read below for further details.

Trading Coins

You can trade “Transferable Coins” in the game. Touch and hold the Kakele Coins in your status to check when they are available for trading. The following policy holds for all payments:

  • Up to level 99: All KCs bought are only transferable in 6 months*

Payments are split into two categories: VERIFIED and UNVERIFIED. Please check the method of payments below to see what is considered one or the other. For verified payments all coins are tradable instantly (with the level 99 exception)! For UNVERIFIED payments, the following policy holds:

  • From level 100: The first KCs depending on your level are transferable now* (check the game app for details when creating a payment). Then, each month extra 500 KCs will be transferable, until the 6th month where all KCs will be transferable.

* A month in this scenario is defined as 31 days. If you buy coins before level 100, the coins will still be transferable in 6 months, even if you reach level 100. So please reach that level before buying, if you intend to trade coins.

** Applicable to the first payment of the month (using the London timezone).

When buying services ingame, such as adding premium or changing name, the newest non-transferable coins are used first.

We reserve to change this policy at any time without any warnings. The new policy will be published here first before we change it, and we will try to give you as much time as possible before making any changes.

For any questions, send an email to [email protected].

Other Payments


We offer other alternative methods through other official Kakele Coin resellers:

  • Moedaz: Reseller in Brazil. International reselling coming soon.
  • CoinsHub: Reseller in Brazil.
We are not responsible for purchases made through resellers. Please contact them directly if you have any issues.

In-App Purchases

We also offer payments directly in the game app.

For any payment questions or enquiries, please contact us at [email protected] . Before you make a payment we invite you again to read our terms and policies. You must be at least level 10 (highest level in account) to make payments. There is a limit of payments per day, even if you cancel them.

* Unfortunately, due to the extremely inflexible and greedy policy of large corporations, we can only offer Google Play as a payment method for installations through the Play Store, the App Store as a payment method for iOS and Steam for those who install the game through Steam.

** To make sure all the other payment options show up, download the PC game app or the Android APK from our website!

At the moment in the game app we are accepting the following payment methods:

  • Web Shop. This page contains the Web Shop, and all payments through here are considered VERIFIED
  • PicPay. This is a payment method for Brazilians. PicPay é um método de pagamento para brasileiros. Este método de pagamento está disponível apenas no aplicativo para PC ou no aplicativo Android APK em nosso site. Os pagamentos são feitos por meio do aplicativo e eles aceitam uma variedade de métodos disponíveis no Brasil. Você precisa criar uma conta e precisa de um número de telefone e identidade para verificação. Todos os pagamentos através do PicPay são considerados VERIFICADOS. Certifique-se de usá-lo corretamente, porque se sua conta for suspensa você não poderá criar uma nova. Temos um relacionamento direto com eles e, se eles detectarem fraudes, suspenderemos a conta do jogador no jogo até que o problema seja resolvido.
  • Google Play. All payments are considered UNVERIFIED. This is the default and only available payment method if you install the game via the Google Play Store.
  • App Store. All payments are considered UNVERIFIED. This is the default and only available payment method for iOS.
  • Steam. If your Steam account is in good standing, then the coins are considered VERIFIED. Otherwise they will be UNVERIFIED.

All these payments are initiated in the Kakele game app. Once completed, you can refresh the payments page in-game. Remember that some payment methods may take a while to be processed (in order of days). For any trouble please email us at [email protected] .


All sales are final. Due to a very specific nature of the products sold by us, returns are generally not allowed. However, under the exceptional circumstances, a return could be accepted provided that you have not yet used the coins. Chargebacks or fraud will not be tolerated, and your account will be suspended automatically by our systems effectively immediately.