Some Major Updates for the Update 4.7

Attention players!

Get ready for Update 4.7, an upgrade shaped by your valuable feedback and by our gameplay data analysis. We are working hard to improve the experience of everyone in Kakele. We’re excited to unveil enhancements designed to balance and enrich both the PvE and PvP aspects of our game. Here’s what’s in store:

1) Revamping Necklace Acquisition: The once NPC-sold, overpowered necklaces and charms will now be exclusive high level mob drops. This change addresses their disproportionate power in the current game meta, ensuring a fair and rewarding challenge.

2) Evolving Charms: The ‘Gold Anti Spell Charm’ and ‘Gold Defense Charm’ are leveling up! These will now be known as ‘Crystal Charms’, accessible at level 600, offering the same potent effects. To cater to our newer players, we’re introducing less powerful variants for the lower levels, maintaining game balance across all stages.

3) New Defensive Necklace: A game-changer for level 600 players, especially those with low armor vocations. This new necklace grants an impressive 100% armor boost for 60 seconds, significantly enhancing survivability in critical combat scenarios. Less powerful variants will also be introduced for lower levels.

4) Hunter Class Update: The Ultimate Windrun spell is getting a level tweak. Now available at level 600 with the same mana requirements. For lower-level Hunters we’ve got you covered with a new, less powerful version of this spell.

5) Alchemist Class Balance: We’re redefining the Alchemist’s debuff spell. Previously at 100% probability, it now comes in three levels, each with increasing probability and level requirements, topping at 100% for level 600 players. This tiered approach introduces strategic depth to the Alchemist’s gameplay, while keeping their strength the same at the highest levels.

6) Warrior Class Enhancements: Warriors, get ready for more tactical depth with two new spells. The first, a novel spell to cancel ‘reflect damage’, adding a new layer to your combat strategy. The second, a much-anticipated Call spell at level 600, specifically designed to reduce trolls, following popular demand.

These changes represent our commitment to a dynamic, balanced, and engaging gaming experience. We invite you to test these updates on our test server, providing us with critical feedback for further improvements. Your active participation is invaluable in our mission to continuously evolve and enhance the game.

As usual, we have created a topic in our forum so you can share your thoughts there.

We will be discussing these in the upcoming Podcasts as well! So please tune in to share your thoughts and questions!!

Thank you for being an integral part of our gaming community!
ViVa Games