The Dark Continent

Dear Kakele Players,

We are thrilled to announce the new update, Kakele 4.1! It is the first update after we have completed 2 years online, and we can’t wait to get it out there! We thank you for your continued support and help to improve the game and our community.
As you know, we are introducing some “Play to Earn” features, but the game can still be played for free, just like before!!
This is our biggest update yet, with a lot of new changes. You may have seen some of these changes before in our social media. See below for everything new:

– We are integrating Nano (XNO) into Kakele! You will be able to exchange between Gold <-> Nanos in each server, as explained before. Check out all the details in our whitepaper:
– You can also now buy Kakele Coins using Nano (XNO), which should show up as an option if you download the app from our website
– The new continent: The Dark Continent. Are you ready to explore it? We promise one thing: you will need to be on top of your toes all the time, the creatures from there are very powerful
– Elite monsters! These are the perfect candidate for solo hunting, as they give you 25x the experience of a regular monster. Please test them out and let us know if there are any adjustments needed
– Instances! All dungeons and elite monster caves will be powered by instances. This means they get a “copy” for each player (up to a certain limit), which helps when the server is full
– We have made a lot of optimizations to our servers and client! The app should be running a lot smoother, and the lag should improve by a lot
– Because of the above, Kakele now will only work on Android versions 5 and above. No changes to iOS and PC requirements. Also, your device must support 2048 or above textures size. Run the test here:
– Items blessings! Rares will be much more valuable now. We have announced this recently, please check out our Instagram for details. We are adjusting the percentages and cost, which may be slightly difference from our post
– One big request: instant prices for the char market! You can now put a price on your char that anyone can instantly bid and win the offer
– Many have asked for this: level 200 and 300 potions will now be sold in a new NPC! It is located in the new content continent
– Also many people have requested: we are adding new tasks for up to level 600! There is a new explorer’s NPC in Villa which can reset your high level tasks
– Conquerors! To spice things up, dominating castles will give you the Conqueror stats, and you can be killed on PvP with justification. In PvP servers, attacking end-game bosses will also get you this stats!
– As requested, the castle buffs are infinite now. Each player can get the castle buff every 5 hours
– For your account safety, we are now implementing Recovery Keys! With it you can recover your account anytime. Please write it down on a piece of paper and store it safely
– We are also launching the “two factor authentication” OTP method. If you haven’t used it before, please do some Googling on it, as it decreases dramatically your chances of being hacked
– Houses will now have their own “vault” to store items! Check out our Instagram for a sneak peak on that feature. Players will also regain full HP and MP when logging out in their houses
– New notifications! You will get an Android or iOS notification every time an event activates in the server you were previously logged in at. For those playing on PC, the Biridim Discord bot will implement a similar feature
– The chats will now have an auto-moderation, using artificial intelligence (machine learning!), to classify whether things said are bad. If they are you will get warnings and may get auto-muted
– We have improved some respawns, such as the heaven and hell castles and Transilwania, given their popularity! We have reduced a bit the experience of the elder vampires, as suggested by player feedback
– All outfits now have attack animations! Please let us know if any needs improvement or if the colors look weird
– Small adjustments to some items levels, so that the item blessings make more sense and also the new equipment. We also have improved some items attributes and drops, so that items are more balanced according to their rarity
– To help with reducing visual and network lag, we have made the pets slightly slower. Remember that they teleport back to you when they get too far behind
– On the topic of vocation balancing: Berserkers will need to use up to 75 of mana for their infuriate spell. Mages will get a new spell that can grant them up to 30% boost in magic if they have 2 summons. Some Hunters spells had their mana reduced, and the slow area spell potency was increased
– Plenty of small bug fixes and improvements, such as improper focus due to special characters, fixing undead dragon event, improvements to the report window, capping damage to the creature current HP, hotkeys stuck bug, boost in the stats, can’t cancel mail bug, increased font size option
– We have improved the char market with details about each fee involved, so that players are not confused anymore on why they can’t make or cancel an offer
– Community Supporters as you know help us to moderate the servers. From the 4.1 update they will not be able to login with their “alien” character in the servers they play at, to make sure we are as unbiased as possible for our community. They can still reply to tickets
– We have improved a lot of the spell icons, standardizing the icon sprites for spells that do the same thing with just a difference in power. It should be simpler now to understand it
– We are adding a unique prize for players with 1000 login points! Who is going to be the first?
– We are increasing the Kakele Coins cost of some outfits, pets and “fastpass” cosmetics. It has been the first time we have ever increased any price, and we hope players understand and support the change given the current high inflation
– New tutorial! Please check out our new revamped tutorial. Our goal was to make it as simple as possible to give your first steps in Kakele
– We have also launched a manual NFT conversion, so that players can trade, buy and sell items from other Kakele players using NFT! Check out all the details in our whitepaper page:
There is a lot of things to be tested, as you have noticed. Because of that, we have the following schedule until we finally launch the new version:

– March 5th: private test server with Staff CMs and Gold partners- March 6th: private test server opened to CSs- March 12th: private test server opened to tutors and other partners- March 19th: open test server for everyone. New Wiki published- March 25th: new *test server PvP server*, with a pool of $50 Nanos! Everyone starts at level 1. This is real money and people will keep the Nanos! The server will be closed after the update- March 26th: we send the game app for app stores approvals- April 2nd: target date for the update launch

This is to make sure we test everything thoroughly, and the update is released smoothly. As before, the new content is blocked, and only the SCMs and devs will have access to it for testing.
Don’t forget to follow us in our social media, and we have open support channels on Discord now! Follow the verifying process outlined in the “get-verified” channel. In doubt, send us an email to [email protected]
We are looking forward to hearing your feedback! Please remember that everything is subject to change, as we are fine tuning the systems and changes. Please use Reddit to post about ideas and improvements, as it is easier for us to keep track of each topic.

Welcome to Kakele 4.1!! The darkness is coming!

Best regards,
The ViVa Games team

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