Revamped Map Events

Hello Kakele Adventurers,

Exciting news from the realms of Kakele! We’re thrilled to announce an upcoming overhaul of our beloved map events, aimed at rekindling the spirit of adventure and community. Remember the glory days of the Glitch event? Those times when players rallied together for a thrilling quest and rich rewards? We’re bringing that back, but even better!

Why the change? We’ve noticed our higher-level adventurers have been giving these events a miss, as the experience (XP) gains didn’t quite match up to their hunting exploits. But Kakele is more than just relentless grinding; it’s about diverse, engaging experiences. We want to reignite the fun and camaraderie that map events used to offer.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Introducing the ‘Dungeon’ Status: Just like in our infinite dungeons, events will now have a ‘strength cap’, injecting a fresh layer of challenge and excitement.
  • Level-Based XP Rewards: No matter your level, participating in events will now yield XP tailored to you. This means more motivation for all to join in the fun!

Which events are evolving? Check out the table in our Discord forum to see the changes and get a glimpse of the XP you can earn at different levels! Notice you can only complete each event once each time it activates.

Your voice matters to us! Join the conversation on our Discord forum, share your thoughts, and help us refine these changes. Remember, this is all a work in progress, subject to adjustments based on your valuable feedback. Plus, get a firsthand experience of these changes on our test server coming this March!

Adventure awaits, Kakele heroes. Let’s make these events legendary, together!

Best regards,
ViVa Games