The Dwarven Mines

Cheers everyone!

Are you ready for the new content ranging levels 50-800+? Discover the new dwarven mountains and mines and go deep in exploration of their caves. Ghorannon is back! The leader of the darkness nights will bring fear upon all Kakele! Welcome to Kakele 4.5, which brings the changes listed below!

We’ve introduced a new feature called the “bestiary” based on feedback from players. The bestiary system works like this: Whenever you defeat monsters in the game, you keep track of how many of each type you’ve defeated. There are three levels of targets for each monster:

Easy: Defeat about 100 monsters of a particular type (the exact number may vary based on the monster strength). Completing this level gives you a 5% damage reduction against that type of monster and 5% extra experience when fighting them*.
Medium: Defeat around 1000 monsters of a specific type (again, the exact number depends on the monster strength). Completing this level gives you a 10% damage reduction against that type of monster and 10% extra experience from them*.
Hard: Defeat about 10,000 monsters of a particular type (which also depends on the monster strength). Completing this level gives you a 15% damage reduction against that type of monster and 15% extra experience from them*.

We’re also adding two new boosts to the game: a “bestiary server boost” that benefits everyone in the server and a “bestiary player boost” that gives advantages to individual players. (*) When you activate the bestiary boosts, you’ll receive the bonuses, listed above, you’ve earned in your bestiary.

Additionally, achieving the “Hard” level completion for each monster (you can do this once per monster type) will grant you +2 to your attack, armor, and magic stats. Since there are about 200 different types of monsters, you have the potential to gain up to 450 points in each stat if you complete all of them. However, it’s important to note that this “buff” only activates when you defeat a monster while the bestiary boost is activated.

Finally, when you achieve the “Hard” level of a monster, you will receive for free the bestiary boost for a given amount of hours, yet to be defined based on the test server.

In summary, the bestiary is a new system that encourages players to defeat various monsters to earn bonuses like damage reduction and extra experience. There are different levels of achievement, and completing the challenging “Hard” level for each monster type will also boost your character’s stats when the bestiary boost is active.

We have also parsed your feedback and discussed with the community in the Discord forums about vocation balancing. We have also analyzed more than 3 months of data that we have gathered since the last update. We are modifying some vocations as follows:
– Alchemist: the mana shield spell will now have two charges. The charges stack, the first time you cast it, it will activate the mana shield at 1 charge. The second time it will go from 1 to 2 charges. This means you will need to debuff a player twice to remove its mana shield when they have it at 2 charges, as it will go from 2 to 1 charge first, and then if debuffed again, it goes to 0 charges.
– Mage: the synergy spell will now make the monsters absorb 50% of the damage caused by players to the mage’s health. The mana shield change also affects mages.
– Berserker: improved the damage formula (more like the old formula).
– Warrior: monsters will no longer flee if affected by the warrior’s call. Their return damage was increased by 30% if hunting solo. Warriors’ damages are also improved by the change of formula above.
– Hunter: also affected by the damage formula improvement, which improves the blocking of damage issue.

A new major feature was added: infinite dungeons! You will be able to team up (or even go solo) with other random players and enter a random generated dungeon based on your team’s levels. At the end of the dungeon, you will fight a boss and receive reputation coins! You will be able to loop forever the dungeon challenges!

We have also made a lot of improvements in other areas of the game, based on your feedback, forum discussions and interactions with other gaming companies in the industry:
– Discord account linking will now be done through the game app.
– Added Twitch drops integration, which will grant rewards for watching people stream Kakele on Twitch! Rewards and coupons will include the already available options and mounts, outfits, pets, non-transferable Kakele coins and items!
– Reworked the reputation system. Players will now ask for help to complete quests. You just need to be near the player upon quest completion to receive the reputation coins reward. Each quest will provide a different amount of reputation coins, based on their difficulty.
– Mobile players will now be able to watch an ad to receive rewards. You will be able to collect a daily reward again when watching an ad (once every 6h). When entering the gym, you will be able to extend the training time by 30 minutes. Note that these rewards are specific to situations where the player can be AFK. This means that PC players can log in through their phones to receive these rewards as well.
– Game events will now show when they will trigger. The event keys were deprecated, and you will be able to activate events directly through a new event shop window. Prices will scale up for each quick activation.
– We worked on several chat features. Emojis were added to the game! Mobile keybords will now use all the phone’s available features, such as word suggestions. The game now has automatic translation too!
– We also took the time to add animations to several game sprites when interacting with them. We also revamped several old game sprites and added lots of new sprite variations, making the game more alive!

Several changes were made to the game tutorial to help newbies to learn the Kakele way easier and stick with us:
– Tutorial effects now have a fade in effect.
– Added a base attack cooldown effect.
– Improved the guiding arrow for when the player needs to defeat monsters or collect items.
– Added a capybara card chest. Players will no longer start the game with the card in their backpack.
– Added new hint icons and text to game windows.
– Changed and reorganized the tutorial. The changes are many and we will be brief here. Try the new tutorial out and let us know what you think! Put your mom to play the game and send us hers feedback!
– Creatures targets will lock in the same creature now. Target spells will target automatically monsters. The old behavior can be enabled in the game options.
– Revamped the storyline window and split its information into two different windows.
– Revamped the quests window.
– Players will get notified when they attack mobs from PZ.
– Revamped the vocation choosing window.
– Revamped icons glowing in the game.
– Added a new experience effect.
– Revamped the referrals window.

We worked hard to make sure the game runs smoothly and doesn’t crash. Here are some changes we are making:
– Fixed game resolution in almost square screens.
– Added logic to enable level up screenshots automatically only if the device can handle screenshots in a few milliseconds.
– Optimized the map loading to avoid the device running out of memory.
– Added several game client improvements to run smoother on potato devices.
– Decreased the game app significantly by downloading assets on demand.
– Reworked the light system to run faster.

We also fixed some bugs in the game client and introduced quality of life features:
– Fixed party progress bars being empty on some occasions.
– Improved the web shop user flow so players make less mistakes and receive their Kakele coins accordingly.
– Fixed a bug when clicking house beds and not being invited to the house.
– Improved timeout handling when connecting to the game server.
– Reorganized the game window icons to make the screen less polluted.
– Added a new mana shield effect to help players identify whether they have the mana shield buff. You will see the effect in party members as well.
– Added a confirmation for when clicking the leave party button.
– Added auto-paste to OTPs.
– Improved buffs remaining time and value display.
– Revamped the hotkeys chooser window.
– Improved the minimap clicking by choosing nearby positions if the selected position cannot be reached.
– Added detailed messages for when players change advanced options.
– Swap items if dragging one above the other.
– Added vibration support to iOS.

We heard your feedback on game content and mechanics, and we made the following revamps and introduced the following new content:
– Parties of 5 vocations will now receive a bonus of 20% experience.
– Reworked mounts speed: haste buffs will have no effect when mounted. Note that even so, you will be faster if mounted.
– Players will dismount with the PK mark.
– Added new game monster cards.
– Decreased the cost to purchase mounts directly from the game shop.
– Added new name colors.
– Added an elite pirate’s hunt.
– Added hints and better rewards for the Krakelen quest.
– Added a shortcut to the Kebelessa bank from within the city.
– Kajin Fighter and Kajin Warlord had their experience reduced. Accessing the Kajins’ area now requires level 600.
– Monsters will remove the player’s buffs less often.
– Improved cyclops hunts by adding a shortcut to the castle and by changing the elite instance location.
– Made the cyclops priest to be close range combat.
– Corrupted earth elemental elite cave was moved to a better spot.
– Corrupted fairies were moved to a separate section of the corrupted hunt, making it easier depending on your hunting loop.
– Improved the elf guardian map.
– Revamped the undead dragon’s hunt.
– Fixed the Spiro Giro beam jump.
– Added the mounts wiki, which will be available soon.
– Increased mermaid chests respawn time.
– Fixed some story dialogues in multiple languages.
– Respawns in new servers will be faster during the first hours/day.
– Merged the clan events into one, so it is easier to complete the quest.
– Fixed some map locations to avoid players receiving experience outside of hunts or trapping others easily.
– Added more common items until level 250. They are sold in a new NPC in Norde.
– The seahorse mount provides extra speed underwater.

Some game features were rolled back or removed:
– Removed recovery keys from the game. Due to multiple accounts getting hacked because of recovery keys, we decided to remove the feature from the game. Now, changing emails will cost Kakele coins as before.
– Removed Reddit from the game client.
– Removed game text guides.

And there are other new exciting features we worked on:
– Added ranking titles. Top players from experience, achievements and pet points rankings will have a badge displayed next to their names inside the game!
– Added the cards album, so players can collect their cards and add them to their cool album.
– Added a new server boost: pet training x2 faster.
– Added evolved pets! When pets reach level 100, you will be able to go through the evolving ritual by paying gold and Kakele coins. They will have a new game look and will use their skills faster.
– Added an achievements window.
– Added new icons options to the friend list.
– Added new effects when completing quests, storyline chapters and advancing levels.
– When completing a quest, the reward window will open automatically if there are available items to collect.
– Android app reviews will now be prompted from within the game.
– Revamped the task NPC window. It will be easier to navigate through the available quests and delivering item tasks will be much easier/faster now!
– Added effects when adding/removing items on the floor.

And that’s all folks! We hope we have listed all the changes that were worked on for the new update. If we remember anything else, we will be updating this list accordingly (below). Moreover, the changes listed here are subject to change based on your feedback in the test server! Please also read our rules, as we have introduced some changes, most notably we are not going to ban account sharing anymore. Stay tuned in our social media where we will release the dates for the test server and the update.

More changes added:
– The sea snail magic resistance spell was increased from 5% to 10%.
– King Kajin, Zuzba and Zeniva were slightly nerfed.
– New, better, pots were added costing reputation coins.
– Due to the damage formula rework, summons damage will increase a bit.

The ViVa Games team