Over the Clouds of Choia

Hello everyone in Kakele!

Time has come to give you the great news about the upcoming update! The cyclops are eager to challenge you to epic fights, boss battles and puzzles. We have been working tirelessly on this update, as we want to bring the best content and changes for our community of players. We have read hundreds of feedback posts from you on Reddit and Discord, and that helped to shape up the new things that are coming and the things that we are changing in the game. Thank you very much for your support so far, this has been an amazing year for the game and team. We have grown our team from 5 people to 9 in total this year, and in 2023 we are bringing some of them to full time positions! We have finally founded the ViVa Games company! This year we have also participated in the largest gaming fair in Latin America, and have met some of you there, it was an amazing experience. We hope that 2023 will be as amazing as this year was, and we will work to have smaller updates instead of single big updates, with more content for you! We are planning to participate in game fairs in North America or Europe, so stay tuned!

As usual, the test server will be opened first for the Gold partners and Patrons (join our Patreon, there is still time: https://www.patreon.com/kakele), on January 2nd. They will be allowed to share their test server experience on YouTube, Twitch or their social media! On January 6th, the Volunteer Agents and the other partners and Patrons will be allowed to login as well. Finally, on January 9th we will be allowing all players to join. We will be parsing your feedback and tuning the new changes and features. Please be patient with us, and share your constructive feedback on Reddit or Discord, as all new features are subject to change! We want the best for the longevity of the game and for you to be able to enjoy the game as best as possible. On the week of January 9th, we will start preparing the game app to be submitted to the app stores, and hopefully we can launch the update on the weekend of Jan 13th-16th (that is somewhat out of our control).

We are boosting all servers between December 26th and 30th (time still to be determined, but in total it will be 4 days, that is 96 hours). We thank you again for your support and efforts to build this amazing community!

And here it goes, the awaited change log for the Kakele update 4.3! It is a lot of changes, and we hope to hear your feedback to fine tune and improve everything before the launch:

– We have implemented the Kakele VPN! Your game client will connect to Kakele servers using a premium network route and a public network route (from your internet provider), and the data that flowing faster between you and the servers will be processed first. This means better ping, less disconnects and auto-reconnects! This was a complex change that was long-due, it will increase the costs of running the Kakele servers but it will bring a greatly improved network experience to our players (this is automatically switched on, you don’t need to configure anything)
– New content! The Primordial cyclops are waiting to crush humans, are you ready for this challenge? Many new cyclops hunting areas, a new dungeon, new quests and over 50 new items!
– A new pet, the Lucky Goose, are you luck enough to acquire one? Your luck will definitely go up with it!
– A new outfit, designed for the new content! Can you tell which fable we have inspired the new content from? Let us know in our social media posts!!
– The Web Shop is launched! If you have installed the game from the Play Store, App Store or Steam, you can now instead use our Web Shop, which is cheaper! We have integrated with one of the largest payment gateways in the game industry. Big names like Roblox, Epic Games and Ubisoft have done too! It provides 700+ payment methods and 130+ currencies over 200+ geographies. If you have downloaded the game from our website, then the existing payment methods in-app are already your best choice 😉
– New fresh sprite changes! You will notice more detail in the game, such as the floors! This is all because of our amazing team of game artists. The game performance will not change because of these new sprites, don’t you worry!
– In between the last update and this one, we have launched our new website, in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Polish. Have you checked it out yet?
– The game interface got a new revamp, with new updated sprites, sounds and dialogs. The menus, buttons and status texts were improved to make your life easier!
– Bosses/events fixes. Some of these changes were to fix bugs, and others to help curb trolls. We received a lot of feedback about this, but please keep sending your feedback via Reddit or Discord: We have fixed the Dark Continent bosses bug (if you were PK you couldn’t advance). The Hydra Worms is now an instance zone, which makes it harder for higher levels to troll everyone. In the Undead Golden Dragon room, you can simply ‘use’ the carpet to deposit a raw gold over there, and it clears up all items on that spot and locks it from being picked up for 2 minutes. In the Chromatic Golden Dragon room/space, you cannot login anymore, and you can swap/jump people on the ‘grass’ spots. The rainbow bridge (Sky Elves) is now an instance zone, and when the right magic action is executed, a portal opens for 60 minutes to the Crystal eaters zone! Joining a fortress will teleport you to about 5 random spots instead, so that it is harder for players to trap the entrance (as there is a stack limit).
– We have added some new musics to the game. Some bosses even have their unique songs. Let us know which ones you like the most!!
– A complete rework in the game storyline from levels 50 to 100! If you are curious, create a new player to complete it again!
– We have increased the loot space to 60 slots for Premium accounts.
– The Staffs and Gloves in the game are all getting magic points! A lot of players have asked for this change. We have reduced the attack attribute of them by about 30%. Let us know what do you think.
– As you probably have seen already, we are adjusting a lot of equipment levels. If you have an item equipped, you can keep it equipped, but you won’t be able to put it on again if you don’t have the required level. Yes there are a lot of changes there, but this is good for the longevity of the game. This includes adjusting some attributes and NPC sale value!
– A long wanted feature request: the experience bar on display! You will be able to see it now when gaining experience, let us know if you liked it!
– A big rework of the game tutorial. Yes we make changes every update there, as it is critical to retain new players! Now you can create an account without an email and even skip the tutorial! Let us know your feedback about it, you may meet some new capybara NPCs on the way to Kebelessa 🙂
– There is a change pet hotkey now! Notice that there is a cooldown, and it takes about 3-5 seconds for the new pet to appear.
– We are doubling down on the anti-bot features. If you don’t answer a Captcha you will be kicked out of the game. There are some other measures being taken, and cheaters will be banned for life!
– We are fixing the global market history. As you know there are some problems with the history window, and you will be able to see the entries properly now, including entries of offers you have accepted.
– The market window is being improved, as suggested by many of you, to make it easier to know which other offers are out there.
– The market item resolution logic is also improved, so that when accepting a big offer, items will be deposited partially to your bank instead of just waiting for space for all the items! There is also a dialog that tells you when gold and Kakele Coins are deposited from the market or mail, so that you can’t miss it anymore.
– There is a new button to allow you to “use under someone”. This means you will be able to easily pick things up from below someone, or push a lever.
– A status text will be displayed when a friend of yours come online!
– The wear and tear system: Inspired by some other games, this feature is to help with gold inflation. When dying, there is a chance that one equipped item will “break” its energy (be it Light, Dark or Nature). When equipping an item that belonged to some other player, the item will also “break” its energy. This means that it will count as a “None” energy item. To fix it to restore the energy, the blacksmith NPC will charge gold depending on the item level and rarity. You can also restore the item with Kakele Coins. Broken items cannot be sold in the market.
– Speaking of inflation, the new gold system: This change is also inspired by other games that were successful for many years. Now, monsters will drop the “Unpolished Gold” item instead. This item can stack up to 5,000, and you can sell it in the NPC for 1 gold. The Player individual boosts cost half the price in gold now, so that players are more incentivized to purchase them! There are two new Player individual boosts: reducing the death penalty by 50% and the not losing items on death, even if you are “red blooded”. The “Golden Hero” outfit price was reduced to 1 billion gold. There is a gold refiner item that can be purchased using Reputation Coins, or Kakele Coins. Each NPC has a limit of about 2 million gold per hour, and after that they start only paying 25% for sold items until the hour passes. You won’t be able to trade or mail the “gold” anymore, but you can still trade or mail the “Unpolished Gold”. If you sell an item on the market for more than 10x its NPC value, then the tax for it is 10% of the sold/bought value. We are taxing the rich: players with more than 1 billion gold will lose 1% of their gold each day (this value may be changed on each update). This will prevent gold accumulation and force rich players inject gold back to the game economy. The gold changes we are making were studied carefully by the game staff. As said previously, we based on some popular long running games out there as well as economy theories and studies. We know some ideas may be unpopular but we believe they are needed for the game health for the next years. If you have complaints, concerns or suggestions on the ideas, please share them with us, in a polite way, and try to elaborate as much as possible.
– We are introducing the “fast activation keys”. These keys cost reputation coins, or Kakele Coins. With them you can trigger events much faster (such as the fortresses), about in 1 hour instead of waiting the full length. This was also a suggestion by a player, let us know what do you think!
– We have implemented the “server boost contributions”! Now players can contribute partially to server boosts, as this was a very popular feature request by players. We have reduced the price for the golden mobs boost to only 200 Kakele Coins, and we have changed the loot and gold boost to 200 Kakele Coins.
– The server code got some refactoring and tuning, to reduce latency even further and to be able to handle more players online!
– All tools equipment now have an energy (spoiler alert: almost all ‘Light’).
– Some new monsters were added to the game (in addition to new cyclops!). This includes high level hunts, and may change the dynamics of some of the caves. We have adjusted the HP of some monsters and raised the EXP accordingly.
– A cool feature that was asked by many players: when you die, the items you lose (for instance from the loot), will ‘spill’ over the floor. This way you can go back to recover your belongings! Be careful not to die again!!
– We are selling collectible mugs and t-shirts! You can guarantee yours by joining our Patreon with exclusive benefits. Check out our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/kakele
– Speaking of which, we have improved the Patreon syncing logic, so no more waiting 1 day before receiving your benefits!
– Some minor improvements to the game Wiki, such as sorting the items by name when all else is equal.
– We have added a new window in the game, where we reorganized the features in the game that you can spend Kakele Coins on, such as changing your name color, pet name, etc..
– We are improving the “chat toxic” classifier, and we hope that it provides you with less bad interactions with players over time.
– As a feedback by some new players, we are hiding the player level in the ‘online list’. When you click on someone you will be able to see their level. You can also check out the Biridin bot in our official Discord to see rankings with level, top daily experience and more!
– There are new tiles for housing! This includes water, a feature asked by some of you to put your boats on!
– There is a cooldown for changing guilds now, of about 12 hours.
– There is an item teleport sickness now. You have to wait 5 minutes to use the teleport item, even when you die or logout. This is to help reduce abuse of the elite instances, and is also a feature we have adapted from some other games.
– Demoting a guild leader is now possible. If they are offline for more than 30 days!
– The price for 3000 and 10000 Kakele Coins is being adjusted. If you buy Kakele Coins in bulk please check out the new prices in the test server. We haven’t adjusted these prices for more than 2 years, but we have decided to maintain the 500 and 1500 prices the same. We are already adjusting it in the Web Shop, Play Store and App Store. The other providers will be adjusted in the update.
– We have added a “delete account” feature, in case you decide to delete your account or an account you don’t use anymore.
– You cannot reach Kechelada’s Frost King area anymore if you haven’t reached there via the quest.
– Due to the referral abuse, your friend now needs to be level 300 for you to claim your bonus. Be warned that we will ban people abusing the system!
– “Resetting instance” in the Pirates maze is much harder now. This was changed due to some players ‘abusing’ the maze to quickly change instances. Please let us know if you find any more cases like this, as this should not be a thing.
– When players are sold in the game market, they will lose invite access to houses. Even with this change, make sure you trust your friend before allowing them into your house!
– Lots of minor quality of life, polishing changes and bug fixes, such as a confirmation dialog for buying spells that you can’t cast, formatting of numbers, iOS crashes bug fix, market expired items fix, house organize crash fix, fixing some signs texts, added a tip to resize the joystick on mobile, some bosses logic fixed to ignore pets, removed some boxes that could trap players, conqueror is now set when casting spells as well on endgame bosses, fixing iOS connection, fixing some text collision bugs, auto scaling the screen size on PC, adding confirmation when buying a house, instance portals will block projectiles, sorting the online list is now possible, sprite fixes, an improved experience when hundreds of players and pets are onscreen, showing which items are selected when trading, guild banners will also show the guild name..
– Vocation balancing: a hot and emotional topic. We saved it for last, because we wanted you to check everything above first 🙂 Everyone has their opinion, and their own vocation. We have parsed a lot feedbacks and we will work every update to make the game more fair for all vocations. This time, we have made the following adjustments: 1) Alchemists got buffs that last longer (6 minutes), to help with party hunting. 2) Alchemists got a new “black matter” spell, which has a slightly larger area, to replace the existing “Dark Matter Beam” spell. The beam spell got its mana reduced to 1500. 3) Alchemists got a new spell: “Nootropics Cocktail”, which will reduce the variability of the spell values (buffs and damage). 4) The best Warrior stomp spell has a higher damage, and a new spell with the same damage as before is introduced that uses less mana. 5) Warriors that hunt solo, and that use the “call” spell, will deal 33% more damage in return to monsters! 6) For Mages, the Ice Elemental monster has a reduction of 50% in armor (They are still quite strong!! We tested this out a lot).

Yes, there are too many changes.. We have learned a lot this year, and we will plan the following updates better, so that you can enjoy more new fresh content throughout the whole year! We are going to aim at 4 updates, and we will let you know about our 2023 plans through our social media. Don’t forget to follow us or subscribe!

To reinforce, please help us test the update in the test servers. Give your feedback in the game forums, we will be listen for your input! These changes are still subject to change, and we are constantly on the lookout for making the game fun, but challenging. Be constructive, let us know what should change, why it should change and how it should change. We want the best for the game and all of you, so that Kakele keeps growing to be the best game in the niche! Please help us to keep growing, and invite all your friends to join you in Kakele!

From ViVa Games, we wish you Happy Holidays, and we can’t wait to join you in this new and future adventures!

Best regards,
The ViVa Games team